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The anthology series Not My Fault deals with the topics of violence against women and femicide. In addition to storylines that span the entire series, each individual episode also tells its own story that explores both of these broad themes. These stories are based on real experiences that women of different ages, backgrounds and social classes have had and are still experiencing. Nurse Mariana's life takes a tragic turn when her little sister, Liliana, who she cared for after the death of her parents, disappears without a trace. Some time later, Liliana's body is found and Mariana embarks on a tireless search to find out who killed Liliana and what happened to her during the years of her disappearance. In her search for the truth, Mariana discovers that Liliana is just another digit in a startling statistic from a country that is failing to curb brutal violence against women. Her pain encourages Mariana to help other women and to honor the life Liliana was taken from. As time goes on, Mariana gets to know more and more people who have been through terrible things and are struggling with anger, sadness, shame and fear. Mariana and others make it their goal to fight for justice through protests and other actions and to draw attention to the problems and provide information.

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